Hippana Theatre offers an array of different workshops which will introduce you to the methods that the company uses in its creative processes. The education concentrates on the main methods of the company: physical approach, mask theatre, acrobatics, dance, ensemble work, non-verbal storytelling and devising process.

Hippana’s vision is to create a theatre that puts the body and the performer in the centre of the action. Before costumes, props and stage designs can exist we shape the stage with our bodies. Our theatre speaks visually and is meant to be accessible for a broad audience. The human body speaks in many forms and seeks expression in many ways. We will look to transpose this language for the stage and retell these stories by finding their physical form. 

TO WHOM: Hippana delivers workshops for professional performers, graduates, teachers, young people and to anyone who is interested in developing their skills in performing arts and improving their physical and social confidence.

WHY: Our experience in teaching drama and working in theatre has confirmed the positive effect that theatre work can have on groups and individuals. By practicing drama, we can ensure that creativity becomes a way of thinking, communicating and perceiving the world for the rest of our lives. The confidence, inclusivity and creativity that theatre provides to its makers can help every individual from all walks of life. Theatre is a surrounding environment which creates a safe-place for building style and character and empowers vulnerability by supporting everyone’s potential.

WITH WHOM: Our education team includes actors, dancers, acrobats, clowns, mask makers and devising experts who guarantee a professional and playful approach to creative learning. All the members are qualified drama pedagogues with a wide experience in delivering drama education. Workshops, university courses and lectures have taken place all around Europe and USA with participants with different interests, backgrounds and abilities.

We welcome you to invite us to your theatre, school or ongoing creative project!

To find about more about our workshops and education please contact us to receive our education package