Inspired by the movie by Stanley Kubrick

Sit down, put on your headphones and relax…

You are about to experience what it feels like to be inside the head of a man who is about to lose his mind.

Using binaural sound, Hippana Theatre recounts the story of Jack Torrance as he dives deeper into madness. Isolated in a hotel with his family, he struggles with his inner voices and hallucinations. The Shining is retold by a psychiatrist who entertains new discoveries about the mysterious mental illness we call schizophrenia.

‘’The voices are real. Not the sound of an actual person. But I know they exist.”


Hippana Theatre adapts Stanley Kubrick's The Shining in an immersive 3D sound environment. Using binaural technology, the story of the Torrance family is revisited within the realm of auditory hallucinations. Delivered as a psychological investigation into schizophrenia and murder, actors Olivier Leclair and Tiia-Mari Mäkinen blur the lines between fiction and reality. The audience is transported through the horror, shifting between The Overlook Hotel and the study room.

Have you ever asked yourself how it might feel to be inside the head of a murderer or a schizophrenic? What kind of voices might be heard and how could they influence our daily routines? Instead of trying to analyze the psychology of a schizophrenic, why not ask ourselves what it might sound like; hearing voices which are not our own.

The Shining is not only a story of a man going mad and killing his family, it's also the story of thousands of families who live through the long northern winters, isolated and alone. Sometimes we love to hear these stories of violence but there is also the story of those who are gifted with "a voice". The Shining tells both of these stories with the feeling of what it is like to listen to the chatter of the mind.


Olivier Leclair
Tiia-Mari Mäkinen

On stage

Olivier Leclair
Tiia-Mari Mäkinen
Pete Dowse


Luca Malde
Iain Whitmore
Viv Jani
Jake Eiseman-Renyard
Deya Malde
Adam Long
Richard Bodek
Stephen King

Sound design

Dave Carey
Felix Parenteau

Sound Assistance

Callum Harrower


Kaat Vanthuyne
Marten Lierman


Michael Wharley


Tino Nyman

Special thanks to

Kim Leduc
Mario Leclair

Written by hippana