The body of the performer lies at the center of the action. The work is devised, improvised and crafted by professionals with skills from diverse artistic backgrounds. Each play is essentialised, sculpted and recrafted into a fresh style. Our stories have an emergency to be told and are transported by a highly personalized precision of movement.

The space is where everything happens: the first kiss, the last words, stillness, silence, and everything in between.

Though lush with messages and issues, Hippana Theatre is image based and lives passionately through vivid metaphors. The meaning does not reside in the ideas but in their physical form. The body is like the glove, and the spirit is the hand.

The way we connect with our audience is by opening a new dialogue. After the show, it feels good when the conversation is less about theatre and more about life. In those cases, we can say that we have had an impact.


Movement theatre gives physicality to the performer. Putting the body in a movement laboratory is like putting an ant in a bowl of salad, you never know which way it will go. This is how we approach the work. Anything the actor brings into the space is material for the performance. It will be replayed, reshaped and adapted to the stage. It is not only the truth we seek, but the beautiful lies of everyday life.