Woyzeck obeys. He does as he is told.

Eat your peas Woyzeck, eat your peas!

He is the hero of a modern tragedy made from the underpaid men and women of the working class. He is a Jack-Of-All-Trades, running from one job to the next until his own body becomes a simple tool, intended only for the use of others.

Woyzeck evolves in a world where he forgets who he is. Submitted to the will of authority he loses touch with his feelings and his senses. He is taught how to follow the rules but it is never enough. Do more! Do less! Simply do what is asked, nothing else.

Eat your peas Woyzeck, eat your peas!

He forgets how to live, so he eats his peas. As doubt arises in his mind, he swallows another bite of peas. He does not see Marie anymore. Is the baby still crying? He does not know anymore, so he gulps his peas. He is losing his grip, one pea at a time, little by little. Marie?

Eat your peas Woyzeck, eat your peas!

The Hippana way

Woyzeck is German playwright Georg Büchner’s unfinished drama. Written in the 19th century, the play deals with issues that continue to resonate today, perhaps even more than ever. Woyzeck is an everyman who becomes an antihero, whose destiny is doomed to fail from the very beginning. This play is reminiscent of the archetype of Greek tragedy. However, in the case of Woyzeck, society as a whole replaces the role of the divine authority. Society does not consider him as a decent human being and dictates what he can or cannot do. He is conditioned to follow orders, even when he is under the impression he acts upon his free will. Ultimately, he will confront the mask he was forced to bear and all the other masks he carries in his mind. Stripped down to his instincts, he faces his animals.

Just like in Greek tragedy, the chorus plays a fundamental role in our adaptation of Woyzeck. Powerful and disturbing, the chorus simultaneously embodies the untold and insufferable thoughts that go through his mind as well as the dark subconscious of humankind in general, also characterized by the half-human half-animal features of Woyzeck. In this version, Hippana looks at the story from the protagonist’s point of view, to reflect an absurd and wild world that does not belong to him, a world in which he feels crushed and reduced.


On Stage

Hendrick Cramer
Antonio D’Angelo
Viki Kesmaecker
Sophie Lavallée
Caroline Martin
Ermanno Pingitore
Claudia Russo


Ermanno Pingitore


Simon Phelep

Written by hippana